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Laying the Foundation for Digital Project Delivery

The construction industry and infrastructure owners are seeking innovative ways to digitize project delivery resulting in enhanced productivity, time and cost savings, sustainability and work zone safety. The e-Ticketing Task Force formed to support efforts by FHWA through its Every Day Counts e-Ticketing initiative and almost every state DOT in the nation to advance this critical element of digital transformation of project delivery throughout the Federal Aid Highway Program.

Learn how DOTs and forward-thinking industry leaders are adopting e-Construction practices and technology to improve project performance and accountability while capturing digital data that will add value to every project during construction through its useful life.


e-Ticketing: The Gateway to Next Generation e-Construction

The Digitization of the Construction Materials Supply Chain Delivery System throughout the Federal Aid Highway Program

Our Mission

The e-Ticketing Task Force seeks to educate and facilitate a national discussion to transition to e-Ticketing in the construction materials industry for both transportation agencies and the private sector.

Our Vision

The National e-Ticketing Task Force seeks to standardize e-Construction practices, spreading awareness to industry players on the benefits of digitizing their operations to improve project data tracking and record keeping.


What is e-Ticketing?

The United States Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) defines e-Ticketing as a paperless process for creating, sharing, tracking, documenting, and archiving materials information, accessible in real time via mobile devices, provides all stakeholders with an electronic means to verify materials deliveries while enhancing safety, streamlining inspections, and improving contract administration procedures.

Simply put, e-Ticketing takes the information that currently exists on a paper construction materials ticket and digitizes it to improve project data tracking and record keeping. State DOTs are already moving to adopt e-Ticketing while contractors and producers are adopting new technology to prepare for the transition to e-Ticketing. Even though e-Ticketing specifications for hot mix asphalt, aggregates, and ready-mix are still in development, much of the industry is not waiting around. They are seeing the benefits that come with having instant access to project data and are adopting e-Ticketing solutions.

Many states have rolled out e-Ticketing specifications already or plan to do so in 2021. The remaining states are expecting to establish an e-Ticketing specification in 2022.

Who is the Task Force?

Meet the forward-thinking team behind the driver’s seat of the e-Ticketing Task Force.

Facing challenges head-on.

e-Construction practices can present technical hurdles for adoption at scale.

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