“We know e-Ticketing is more efficient – it reduces processing time and allows for faster accounting of quantities – meaning processes that can take days now only take hours.”

– Dan Ganoe, Task Force Co-Chair, Vice President of Operations at Lindy Paving Inc.


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Central Database

Industry Point of Sale software is very outdated and does not connect to the cloud like most modern software does. Additional IT support is required to create a centralized database and replicate all that ticket data.

API Compatibility

Once a central database is established, API connections are needed. These are connections that allow programs to share ticket data seamlessly, in real-time through the cloud.

Technical Burden

The majority of suppliers and producers simply do not have the technical resources required to bring their operations to the new digital standard in time to meet requirements.


Management of data is key.

  • Outdated Point of Sale Software

    Most suppliers operate on old software that does not connect to the cloud like most modern software does.

  • Simplify Data

    Dynamic reporting and access to data in a format that is easy to understand and incorporate into other business systems.

  • Save Time

    e-Ticketing provides stakeholders immediate access and visibility to the right data, where and when they need it.


Digitally connect project stakeholders.

  • Real-Time Data Sharing

    Project documentation is more consistent and efficient using e-Ticketing platforms. This increases visibility into the material flow, improving real-time project control.

  • Eliminate Guesswork

    Constantly climbing in-and-out of trucks retrieving paper tickets can be a risky task for inspectors and crews. It is an unnecessary risk, e-Ticketing eliminates it.

  • Save Time

    From the foreman on the job site to employees in the back office, e-Ticketing reduces processing time and allows for faster accounting of quantities and payment reconciliation.


Having limited, to no, IT resources is not a deal breaker.

  • Improve Safety

    Reduces on-site interactions so inspectors and crews can stay on the job and out of harm’s way.

  • Provide Transparency

    e-Ticketing provides stakeholders access to ticket information for efficient reviews and auditing.

  • Secure, Easy-Accessible Historical Data

    Access past e-Ticketing records on a modern, secure cloud system. No more shuffling through old paperwork that could be lost or difficult to compile.