E-ticketing Task Force Advisor, Greg Nadeau, Addresses FHWA National e-Ticketing Workshop

e-Ticketing in the Digital Delivery Context

Gregory G. Nadeau’s Remarks at the FHWA National e-Ticketing Workshop

Last October, Gregory Nadeau, on behalf of the National Construction Materials e-Ticketing Task Force, presented, “e-Ticketing in the Digital Delivery Context”. He emphasizes the important role state DOTs are playing in the technology’s historic expansion. The remarks were presented at the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) e-Ticketing National Workshop in Savannah, GA.

The two-day meeting brought state departments of transportation (DOTs) and private entities together to collaborate on achieving state-of-practice for technologies such as e-Ticketing and e-Construction.

As former FHWA Administrator, Nadeau led the development of the Every Day Counts (EDC) partnership with the states during the Obama-Biden Administration, which continues under its third administration. EDC strategies and technologies provide state and local governments with innovative solutions that streamline project delivery, save money, accelerate safety and improve sustainability.

“It’s really a personal privilege for me to help frame the context within which our work on e-Ticketing implementation is really foundational to accelerating the path to comprehensive digital project delivery throughout the Federal Aid Highway program,” said Nadeau.

Nadeau is a founding advisor to the National e-Ticketing Task Force, an industry-backed collective dedicated to supporting state and federal departments as they work to implement and further develop e-Ticketing technology. The Task Force’s mission is to inform, educate and demonstrate the benefits of e-Ticketing to policymakers and the public.

The workshop included sneak-preview clips from the sequel to Digitizing the Supply Chain Delivery System, a short film, produced for the Task Force, that provides unique insight into the benefits of e-Ticketing and digital project delivery. The film features several state/federal transportation leaders and industry experts as they discuss the need for accelerating the implementation of these innovations. According to Nadeau, the infrastructure industry has overwhelmingly come to recognize the advantages of this technology. From the planning stage all the way to asset management, e-Ticketing has become an essential element in the entire process.

State governments and their transportation departments have already taken the necessary steps to digitize data from the supply chain. This process has provided lasting benefits to owners, contractors, and producers.

The enactment of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) has enabled the infrastructure industry to make tremendous progress in their adoption of innovative technologies. The law’s historic funds provide numerous opportunities for state departments, local governments and tribes to invest in technologies that increase efficiency, improve safety and reduce project costs.

Despite the push for innovation within the industry, there are still those who are not aware of its potential.

“It’s important that we demonstrate to Congress and the public that with this historic infrastructure investment, infrastructure agencies and the industry work together to accelerate practices and technology solutions that reduce cost and accelerate project delivery,” said Nadeau.

Watch Greg’s full remarks here.

(Gregory G. Nadeau serves as Publisher of Infratalk America, Chairman of Infrastructure Ventures, and Manager of the National e-Ticketing Task Force.)

Originally Published on InfraTalkAmerica.com