The digitization of the construction materials supply chain delivery system throughout the Federal Aid Highway Program

Our Mission

The e-Ticketing Task Force seeks to educate and facilitate a national discussion to transition to e-Ticketing in the construction materials industry for both transportation agencies and the private sector.

Our Vision

The National e-Ticketing Task Force seeks to standardize e-Construction practices, spreading awareness to industry players on the benefits of digitizing their operations to improve project data tracking and record keeping.

Our Background

The Task Force was started in Massachusetts in December 2020, as an effort between MassDOT and several of the largest producers and contractors in Massachusetts who have pledged to go 100% digital and eliminate paper tickets. Led by industry veterans from across the construction sector, and advised by Greg Nadeau, Former Federal Highway Deputy Administrator, interest grew around New England and beyond.

The Task Force has quickly begun engaging state DOT change agents, national producers and contractors who realize the effort to go fully digital by removing paper from the construction materials supply chain has tremendous momentum and support and requires collaboration and idea sharing to make it succeed. Given the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) leadership through their current Every Day Counts initiative rolled out in December 2020, the timing of the Task Force is no coincidence. This is an opportunity for the private sector to support and partner with our state DOTs to advance e-Ticketing. The goal of the National Construction Materials e-Ticketing Task Force is the elimination of paper tickets associated with Hot Mix Asphalt, Aggregates, and Ready-Mix Concrete across the construction industry.



Together we help move the construction industry forward.

Members of the National e-Ticketing Task Force encourage fellow industry players to participate and engage with the initiative.